Welcome to the pre-launch of all-new Warrior Week, a virtual innovation of the industry-trailblazing event for elite businessmen and their families. Watch this short film and apply for one of 24 spots.  Hurry, this is already selling out..


May 1- May 2 SOLD OUT
June 26-27 SOLD-OUT
July 24th & 25th - SOLD OUT
August 20-21 - SOLD OUT
October 1-2 - Selling Out

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
  • 2 Day Immersive, Highly-Interactive Experiential Coaching In Your Body, Being, Balance, and Business 
  • 30 Day Preparation Protocol Across The Core 4 
  • Access to Government-Grade Tactical, Privacy, Security, and Survival Protocol for Your Home, Family, and Office
  • ​ Unlock 9 Years of Guarded Warrior Methodology 
  • Warrior Marketing & Selling Protocols
  • Customized Business Playbook
  • ​One-On-One Consulting Call 

By now, you know it's time. Suspend the outside world for the next two minutes as you read this...

Men who listen to these words have 10x'd their business, saved their marriage, rekindled bonds with their children, created tens of millions in profit, lost 100+ lbs, created whole markets, and learned to completely dominate their life.

So if you're a man who wants to dominate and simply win - especially right now when everyone else is panicking and losing - I suggest you turn off the outside world and focus up. 

You're in all-new territory, and you need an upgrade to handle what's coming at you.

You're not going to get some sugar-coated nonsense positivity here in Warrior... fact is, the world has gone rogue.

Uncertainty in the markets, across political systems, and possibly even in your neighborhood is at an all-time high.

Yes, even your own streets are threatened by unseen jackals who seek to dismantle and destroy peace.

And if you're not careful, you're sucked in by the deafening sounds of fear and worry by the asleep masses. People crying wolf. Playing victim. Some even the villain.

All while your employees, your children, your wife, your customers... stare at you with eager eyes just begging for some answers. 

They demand you to wake up, and then stay awake.

Needless to say, 2020 has been chaos. 

You're left seeking clarity. Certainty. Focus. 

Grasping for how to keep your family safe while you take big leaps and big risks to secure your business.

Are you quietly obsessing with how to steer your way towards profitability without burning your shit to the ground?

Are you worried about the safety of your children?

Are you worried about the security of your future and your business?

You're probably asking yourself questions you never even dreamed would occur this soon.

And yet - here we are, with the beast of fear staring you down every passing day.

That's why you're reading this: In some way, you've been rocked this year... and it's time to reclaim your power with fire, focus, and ruthless precision.  

After years and years of requests pouring in from men around the globe who couldn't make it to the beaches of Laguna...

- mixed with the unprecedented times of COVID-19, riots, and the increasing need to be a fully weaponized man - 

we took all of the power, the results, the focus, the guarded training - and we heeded your call.

Since 2012, 15,000+ men (and some brave women) applied for Warrior Week. That's no small number.

Yet only a meager 1,500+ were able to make it. 

From those 1500 men - whole movements, industries, and empires have been born.

About 13,500 of you missed your chance to groundbreaking expansion at levels you can only imagine.

Then, as COVID erupted across the whole world, requests continued to pour in... "Coach Sam, I'm lost. What do I do?"

The rumblings in our own Brotherhood and across our communities were overwhelming - and yet - times like these are exactly why Wake Up Warrior exists.

So with a rekindled burning fire,  we asked a question:

"How do we bring the full-spectrum-force of Warrior Week directly to you, without traveling?"

So you can arm yourself, your family, and your business with simple, direct paths back to profit, certainty, power, and stability?

After 3 months of testing, building, and proving... we're proud to announce an all-new, completely re-written playbook for the demands of 2020, and what we predict you'll need for the rest of the year, and beyond.

• We've upgraded the business training inside Warrior Week for you to beat the ever-growing demands of protecting yourself, your family, and creating profit in 2020...

• We've teamed up with a high-level security, survival, and government-grade former CIA and FBI officer to bring to you and your family real hands-on wisdom for critical survival scenarios...

• We're bringing in a legendary sales & high-level deal negotiator (whose name we won't mention publicly), to inject strategy directly into your business for crushing it in 2020...

We're raising the bar yet again so you get a world-class experience directly relevant to stabilizing your Kingdom, and crushing it while others allow their worlds to be crushed.

Plus so much more. Ergo, "Warrior Week Plus."

Even our graduates are nipping at the bud to experience this new format... 

In short - Warrior Week has not only been reimagined for an unmatched virtual 2-day event --- it's been re-tooled and refined for powerful businessman who wants to reclaim any certainty that the devastating events of 2020 have had in your family life, business life, or personal life. 

We've quietly tested 2 fully packed virtual Warrior Week's to guarantee we could deliver on the unrivaled promise of Warrior... and the results?

"Game changing."

"Competes toe-to-toe with physical Warrior Week..."

"Being at home during this actually made me bond even deeper with my family... this works Coach Sam."

My brother. Below you'll see several stories and case studies from men who've experienced Warrior Week Plus. 

You'll also see a breakdown of how in 2 short, power-packed days - you can reclaim your entire 2020, and set a new financial, physical, spiritual, and emotional fate for you and your loved ones.

It's focused, it's sharp, it's directly to the point - so you can immediately hit the ground running moments after your graduation. 

With great honor, I welcome you to Warrior Week Plus.

Here's how you get started now:

We started Warrior Week for one reason: offer a man an environment to meet the most powerfull, effective parts of him - and unleash that into his marketplace, his family, and his entire life. No other crucible on the planet provides a man the unique mixture of fire, focus, and battle-tested training to unlock the deepest parts of your capacity to to simply WIN.


👉 Unleash the full-spectrum power and possibility of YOU.

Men who lose, are men who have first lost the power to WIN. Journey begins with digging and accessing new levels of power. Most elite men only access 10% of their power. Imagine what would happen if you had command of the full spectrum of your power? Your power to produce, protect, profit, and lead with purpose expands in all areas.


👉  Losers leak power, and stop winning. For you to keep winning in this new season, you must close down the power leakages and let Warrior enhance the power you've laid dormant.

Profit is not just cash, it's growth across the Core 4: Body, Being, Balance, and Business. This is not some environment where you come out with awareness of how awesome you are... as soon as we break open your power-reserves, we immediately teach you how to go out like a sniper to create profit in your business - while taking the rest of your life with you.


👉  Expand your bank account. Weaponize your body. 

How secure is your Kingdom? A secure family, business, and life is a core principle of the Warrior's Way. A smart man protects what he's built. Through tools you learn in Warrior Week, you'll discover how we tactically deploy protection strategy across your family, house-hold, business, and overall life. 


👉  You must protect what you've built, and what you're building. Physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial.

It's not about Warrior itself, it's about what happens when you graduate the crucible. Every single detail of this process has been carefully crafted to put you in a position for ultimate expansion. If the promise of Warrior wasn't real, then we woudn't be around anymore. The game is simple: If you're a high-level producer who stands for excellence and ruthless results - then expansion is the game you're playing, and Warrior has the keys to launch your game into levels you've only imagined.


👉  We stand for nothing less than complete transformation across your entire life, in a predictable, sequential, intelligent system. 

People have attempted to copy the surface, but you can't duplicate the soul of what made Warrior Week shake the industry when it emerged in 2012. 

If you're an elite man who's been searching for a place to finally be held to a standard of true excellence, the refiners fire of Warrior Week is second-to-none... that's why the men who come to the gates of Warrior are second-to-none. In short - Warrior is a place for winners. 

Brother, especially right now - you can't afford to get coaching from the losers who fill up the marketplace with lies and smoke-screen ads. 

You've got your doubts? Good. Any intelligent man would question bold claims, fancy graphics, and polished videos. So don't listen to us, and listen to these men. 1000's of stories, 1000's of families, 1000's of businesses, and millions impacted by the message. We've hand-picked a few choice stories so you can catch the drift: You're in excellent hands.


"I went in questioning everything... and came out on fire."


"I had the honor of attending the first class... and Warrior found a way to deliver, even virtually."


"This virtual event wasn't just life changing, it was game changing."


"The advancements across my marriage, spirituality, and life really took center stage."

You grow or you die - there is no staying still. And staying in the same associations, the same mindsets, the same church groups, the same one-dimensional masterminds, the same bullshit networking circles will only limit your growth, at best. Warrior is the only place built for full-spectrum systematic expansion. It's not an easy game... but what's your alternative? Settling for mediocrity? Letting your family or business suffer? Allowing the creep of fear and uncertainty to poison your empire? You have one path: EXPAND, or die. Choose wisely.

How does Warrior Week Plus work?
Warrior Week Plus is a new virtual-based event. You will receive gear, instructions, books, and Warrior swag prior to your event. You will rock with us for 2 full days via special technology.
Is Warrior Week Plus Physical?
Yes. We've created intense evolutions for you to undergo as a group, together. These are safe, yet demanding on your focus, your mind, and your being - so you can still experience the fire of Warrior, without the need to travel to us. Trust the process my brother.
What does the 'plus' mean?
We've integrated brand-new training to meet the new demand of what this insane year has thrown at you. Bringing in special tactical trainers to teach resilience in the home, high-profile business leaders to teach sales, negotiation, and deal making. The fact is simple: Right now, you need MORE. So we're giving it to you, Warrior-style.
How does this improve my business?
The real question to ask yourself is this: "How is my current approach and mindset destroying the potential of my business?" -- While we have marketing, sales, and business tactics you get access to inside of Warrior, the true strategic plays you discover you must make come from experiencing your own certainty and power again. You have wisdom, answers, and deep experience in you that is being distracted by the stress and weakness in your day-to-day life. Once you've graduated, the certainty you'll access will be second-to-none, and exactly what you need to do in business will pour out of you. 
Can I invite a business partner into this with me?
We often have men come through with their friend, business partner, or even family members (fathers and sons). If you want to experience this event, and double-down on the power by bringing in your partner, they are more than welcome to.
Do I still wear the Warrior gear?
Yes. Once you sign up, you'll receive a link to acquire a Warrior Week Gear package with all of the gear you must wear during the physical event (Requires an Additional Investment). Being in the Warrior uniform is critical for getting into the right state of mind. And we have a few special surprises up our sleeve, for when certain elements of your gear are needed. Get ready.
What is the investment?
For your 30 day build up, the 2 day immersion event, and a post-event integration period - you will invest $1995. 
What's included with my experience?
You will get a full 30 day preparation protocol, where you'll be guided and prepared in a private group with your brothers to get unified and ready for Warrior Week. You will then enter a 2-day crucible, with instructors, intensity, and physical evolutions you will be guided through (yes, just because you're remote, doesn't mean this isn't physical). Once graduated, you'll then be given access to a 7-day integration game, to hit the ground running immediately with new-found power.
Do I do this from my office, my house? 
You'll need an environment to yourself for 2 days. This could be your garage, a room in your house, your office space, any room you can have access to for 2 days. 
What does my family do while I'm going through this event?
Every evolution is different. This isn't 48 hours of pure fire or intensity. You'll be prepared for moments of intensity, and you'll experience those in nature, outside of your house. So your family can still operate totally normal in their day-to-day tasks while you go through this experience. Your house-hold life will not be disturbed while you go through Warrior Week+.
How many men will join me in my experience?
The core stance we've always taken is this: In Warrior Week, you cannot hide. So we've limited this to 24 people. 24 of you will bond, build, and breakthrough into elite levels of power, certainty, production, and profit together. You will forge a friendship and a brotherhood few men are lucky to ever experience. 
Who are the trainers? 
Coach Sam is the lead trainer, and he's selected a few guests from his inner circle to come on and teach toe-to-toe with you around resiliency, security, business, and beyond.  Expect the unexpected... every single trainer, regardless of who they are, has been vetted so only world-class knowledge gets past the gates.
Wake Up Warrior: Helping Men Liberate Their Marriage, Business & Life Since 2012.
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